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SaloSolar is a manufacturer of solar photovoltaic panels in the ASTRUM-center, Salo, Finland. The factory was established in 2015 and it manufactures solar photovoltaic panels in the size of 1,6 m2 and 2 m2; 270 / 330 W; about 100 units per day. The factory employs over ten persons and the capacity is 22,5MW /year in five shifts per week. The turnover in 2015 was about 1,5 million euros and 90% was sold in Finland.

The capacity of the factory will be increased to about 120 MW of annual production; the new machines are cutting edge technology. Related ISO and TÜV certificates are under process both for the factory and the machines. We would be happy to deliver such a modern factory to your country as well. The new enlargement of the factory should be ready in spring 2017.

The panel factory purchases only high quality raw materials and components. The production starts with silicon wafers, soldering wire and glass material. The factory purchasing policy, high level of automation and certain unique cutting edge machines in the production offer high quality panels. The local content of EU origin in the panels is high.


Photovoltaic panel factory is located in ASTRUM-center, Salo