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SaloSolar is a manufacturer of solar photovoltaic panels in the ASTRUM-center, Salo, Finland. The factory was established in 2015 and it manufactures solar photovoltaic panels in the size of 1,6 m2 and 2 m2; 270 / 330 W.
The factory employs over ten persons and the capacity is flexible and based on demand. The turnover in 2015 was about 1,5 million euros and 90% was sold in Finland. Production has also made and tested special solar panels, such as glass - glass, full black panels and colored panels. In September 2017, SaloSolar Ltd. solar panels have been awarded  with a key flag (Made in Finland). Our solar panels are designed and manufactured in Salo. Each of our solar panels is tested electronically, allowing us to guarantee top quality and efficient solar panels for our customers with a tolerance of 0 ~ + 5Wp for the solar panel's default power.

The export objective of SaloSolar Ltd. is to sell photovoltai panels and photovoltaic panel lines and panel factories, as our factory line has attracted a lot of interest in the international market.

The panel factory purchases only high quality raw materials and components. The production starts with silicon wafers, soldering wire and glass material. The factory purchasing policy, high level of automation and certain unique cutting edge machines in the production offer high quality panels.


Photovoltaic panel factory is located in ASTRUM-center, Salo